In 1882, Leopold Franck observes the development of perfume and handmade instruments used to spray the fragrances. He decides to start an industrial production of perfume atomizers. He first sells his products to department stores and perfumeries. Upon his death in 1907, his son Marcel took over the business. He soon had contracts for bottles with major crystal companies like Baccarat and Saint Louis and with the best glass artists (Lalique, Galle, Argy-Rousseau, etc.). He turned atomizers in work of art. The brand gained a worldwide recognition. Shortly before his death, the company was sold and finally disappeared in the late 1990s. A very active collectors' market kept the brand alive.

In 2013, Bernard Dennery, grand-son of Marcel Franck, decided to revive the brand. Faithful to the old family values and with the help of a major university innovation team, he creates new spray systems and files patents. Two collections are launched: Home and Purse atomizers. His daughter, Stephanie joined the team and brings a more trendy touch to the purse collection. The choice of innovative materials associated with more traditional ones like crystal gives new Marcel Franck creations a very contemporary look.   

Luxury Atomizers

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