Follicle & Limb is authentic from root to tip. Owned and managed by the youngest son of the prestigious Anastasis family, the oldest family of barbers in Southwark, F&L has been built on a wealth of knowledge and expertise. The rich tapestry of barbershop history influences everything we do inspires our products and even our name, Follicle & Limb. In days gone by barbers would perform more than just grooming, as pioneers of dentistry and even amputations they were experts of the hair and body - the follicles and the limbs. At F&L we honour the past of our profession whilst staying true to our roots with quality grooming accessories that would make our predecessors proud.

Our goal is to exist where tradition meets innovation, crafting luxury products that retain all of the charm and functionality of classic shaving accessories whilst integrating seamlessly into the modern man’s routine.

What is ONE Shaving Brush System

F&L ONE Shaving Brush System

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